Case Studies

Stories of Success

Industry: Manufacturing

Size: 6,000 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: In dual option medical plan option, migrate 7% of employees to HSA plan with no employee complaints.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: 15% of employees elected the HSA plan by meeting with iBenefit counselors and learning about their benefit offerings, including the value of the HSA account and benefit plan.

Industry: Car Dealerships

Size: 3,000 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: 50+ dealerships rolled up via Private Equity, combining three different enrollment dates into one new comprehensive benefit package, and new technology rollout.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: iBenefit conducted three separate enrollments to integrate the newly formed entity.

Our counselors met with 95%+ of the employees face to face to introduce them to their new benefit plans.

Counselors logged employees into Bswift for the very first time and provided technology training.

Industry: Trucking

Size: 2,600 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Provide open enrollment services during open enrollment for a difficult industry and continue perpetual employee new hire on-boarding and enrollment.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: iBenefit counselors successfully enrolled all employees and continues to manage a sizable monthly new hire population.

Industry: Assisted Living / Nursing Homes

Size: 800 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Following an employee issue, the client wanted to introduce a standalone Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) and a customized Domestic Violence (DV) benefit offered to employees at no cost.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: iBenefit introduced a customized client program from the National Domestic Violence Association to educate employees on domestic violence.

The standalone employer funded EAP program was communicated prior to the core benefit enrollment.

iBenefit met with 95%+ of the employees, emphasizing the executive team’s emphasis on its commitment to grieving and mental health support in the upcoming plan year.

Industry: Dental Practices and Services

Size: 4,000 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: ACI made a strategic acquisition that increased it’s footprint and size by 50%. The goal was to integrate the acquisition and onboard new employees onto their benefit plan.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: The client purchased one of its main competitors and therefore the acquired population required a different communication strategy to onboard employees.

iBenefit committed to going onsite to all of the acquired company’s locations throughout the country to provide a “concierge” enrollment.

iBenefit counselors met with 95% of the acquired employees, educating them on the benefits and platform so that they felt welcomed and had a heightened awareness of their new benefit package.

Industry: Healthcare

Size: 2,500 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: The client had two strategic initiatives. The first objective was to ensure each employee could have a concierge, face to face enrollment experience. The second objective was to introduce the ICHRA (Independent Coverage HRA) to a portion of the population for the very first time.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: The iBenefit team was integrated in the open enrollment communication platform and marketing pieces and branded as an extension of the HR team.

iBenefit trained its counselors on a healthcare option known as ICHRA.

iBenefit counselors met with over 80% of the total population and 100% of the ICHRA-eligible population, ensuring that all employees understood their benefit plans for the upcoming plan year.

Industry: Education and Transportation

Size: 3,500 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Facing potential non-discrimination testing concerns for their retirement plan, the client wanted each employee to understand how the retirement program works and that autoenrollment would be introduced the coming year.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: The client represented a unique organization with a large and unique semi-full time population.

iBenefit counselors met in person and over the phone with the population, educating employees on the value of the retirement program, the employer match, and increased participation significantly.

iBenefit deployed two different communication strategies with the client as well as two different effective dates with the populations.

Industry: Fashion and Apparel

Size: 1,200 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: The client has two different populations: 1) 22-30 year old female, highly compensated fashion buyers and 2) 35+ year old Spanish-speaking workers in the dry cleaning business.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: iBenefit trained each counseling team with customized messages based on the two separate populations, and offered Spanish speaking benefit counselors for the dry cleaning population to ensure a successful open enrollment for two years in a row.

Industry: Healthcare

Size: 3,000 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: A 10+ year client, leadership annually wants to provide new hire, face to face, and call center options for employees.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: Each year, iBenefit and the client customized a unique enrollment strategy to ensure all employees have the ability to speak with a benefit counselor.

Industry: Healthcare

Size: 25,000 employees

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE: Multiple years of mergers and acquisitions required an elevated concierge employee experience, merging benefit platforms and benefit plans year over year as the healthcare system continued to group.

iBENEFIT OUTCOME: HR required assistance for the required communication efforts, and iBenefit counselors received glowing remarks from doctors, nurses, administration staff, and executive leadership.

iBenefit spent time with the doctor staff and educated them on their changes to their disability plan for the coming plan year.