If you could spend 20-30 minutes with each employee discussing their benefits during enrollment, what would you communicate?

A personalized conversation is a highly effective way to empower employees to engage in their benefits. iBenefit provides the personal enrollment and education experience that employees want, while connecting the value of your company benefits with their real-life needs.



Supporting Your Engagement & Employee Benefits Enrollment Goals Through Customized Conversations:

  • New Insurance Offerings
  • Telemedicine Education
  • Wellness Program Education
  • Financial Wellness
  • HSA & FSA Plans
  • Plan Migration Strategies
  • EAP Services
  • Technology Training
  • Compensation Statements

iBenefit Communication is a full-service, national benefit communication, engagement and enrollment firm. iBenefit Communication has extensive experience successfully managing both core and stand-alone voluntary enrollments.

Employee Benefits Enrollment & Engagement Services

Our approach is customizing “personalized benefit counseling strategies” while providing a single source solution for all employee benefit communications, education and open enrollment services including:

Face-to-Face Onsite Meetings

Employee enrollment meetings are carefully scheduled to fit within their employer’s existing daily operations. Our careful attention to detail ensures each employee has the opportunity to learn about their benefits while not disrupting their daily responsibilities.

Call Center Services

Staffed with certified benefit counselors, including bi-lingual capabilities, our virtual call-center provides an efficient and consistent process to assist employees with the enrollment process. Each client is assigned a specific toll-free number for call routing, calls are monitored and recorded for quality assurance, and all recorded calls are archived.

Virtual Face-to-Face Services

We have integrated technology to provide virtual face-to-face meetings for our clients’ enrollment needs. The process is equivalent to a “Skype or Facetime” experience with our benefit counselor.

Technology & Benefits Administration

iBenefit is agnostic to any single technology solution, preferring to recommend a system that fits the client’s specific needs rather than presenting a “one-size fits all” internal technology platform. Based on the employer’s unique technology needs, we use our experience of working with numerous benefits administration systems to recommend the best platform for client’s needs.

Professional & Salaried Benefit Counselors

Our benefit counselors are salaried, certified and specifically trained for each client. Each client’s dedicated counselor team receives detailed training on the client’s benefit offerings, before communication on the project commences.